Our Working Process

We have developed a series of tools which we believe will help you plan your activity.

1. Developing the Brief

Before we begin, we need to understand where you are and relate your present position to where you want to go. The brief is a collaborative affair and we have our own briefing form which is a sound guide to the information we require to develop a strategy.

2. Planning and Quoting

Having gained an insight into your product or service, brand identity, present communications and footprint, we proceed to a costed, structured plan which we present to you for consideration. Once this process is completed and agreed, our internal plan and time table will be registered within the on-line system.

3. Implementation and Deployment

Our working process is inclusive and we appreciate the involvement of our clients. We believe in having regular meetimgs and providing easy access to our management system, so that all involved are kept up to date with the progress of a particular project.

4. Monitoring

It is our normal procedure to manage a project until our input is no longer required. However, we believe that wherever possible, it is important to monitor any measurable results in order to quantify the effectiveness of our work.