Focus & Expertise: Communications & Information Technology

Technology influences markets.  Our programmes influence your users.

Communications and information technology have exploded into the market place over the last ten years, introducing new and rapidly developing innovations that have revolutionised many areas of production and marketing.

A technical service that is variable and designed to perform to a customer’s requirements needs specifically planned and targeted marketing activity.

Our programs are targeted. They create a real difference and enhance brand identities, leading to sustainable competitive advantage and ongoing customer loyalty.

CIT Strategy Development Services create effective marketing, positioning, branding and communications strategies.

CIT Marketing and Communications Programmes utilise targeted activity that includes marketing, branding, communications, social media, advertising and promotional activities.

CIT Marketing Tracking provides real time analysis through ongoing monitoring of results.

The Market Advantage team have worked with many clients in communications and information technology, including hardware distribution, software development and support, green technology and sustainability.