PR and Digital Media

The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.

Mark Twain

Few in business underestimate the role of public relations. The management of this vital marketing activity is now made even more complex with the introduction of a powerful, and sometimes difficult to predict, social media.

Public Relations

Good public relations influence a broad spectrum of people and entities… from shareholders; local, national and even international governments; present and prospective employees; to the industry, supply chain and customers.

The effective management of the process through a range of activities such as press releases, white papers, opinion pieces, briefings, conferences, sponsorship and the coordination of social media is vital to achieving a market advantage.

Social Media

Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linked In and other social media are added arsenal in the marketing and pr toolkit.  However they are a fast developing phenomenon and organisations can still be unclear on the value they bring to their business.

We can help cut through the hype to find where it can help your business to grow, develop and maintain a dialogue with your customers and market.

Increasingly, the monitoring of social media is gaining importance as a way of managing brand reputation and dealing with service and support issues before they have the opportunity to become damaging.


Businesses and organisations must have a website to maintain a level of credibility. Many websites are the business, and the traffic to that site has a direct relationship to sales and profitability.

As a tool, a well developed website delivers on many objectives, from converting visitors to online shoppers in the case of etailers, to brand engagement and enhancement for service companies and global organisations.

Maximising traffic to the site is critical to the success of the business. Search Engine Optimisation, working in tandem with the design, the layout and structure of the site are some of the tools that maximise that potential.